This is more of a VB question, but it&#039;s ASP-related in that this is code in a COM object which will return data back to ASP.<BR><BR>It will be parsing a lot of records that are fixed-length strings, each of which will have have 20 or more fixed-length fields.<BR><BR>Is there a way to parse all the data into a UDT quickly, since the UDT already defines the length of each field?<BR><BR>Here&#039;s how it currently looks:<BR><BR>-------<BR>Public Type udtAccount<BR> Number As String * 12<BR> Type As String * 3<BR> Description As String * 20<BR> ... (etc)<BR>End Type<BR><BR>Dim strTemp As String<BR>strTemp = "000000123456123Car Loan "<BR><BR>Dim Account As udtAccount<BR><BR>Account.Number = Mid(strTemp,1,12)<BR>Account.Type = Mid(strTemp,13,3)<BR>Account.Description = Mid(strTemp,16,20)<BR>... (etc)<BR><BR>-------<BR><BR>Rather than using all those Mid functions, could I somehow do something like the following?<BR><BR>Set Account = strTemp<BR>or <BR>Set Account = ParseIntoUDT(strTemp)<BR><BR>If not, then I might as well forget OOP and just create a boat-load of individual variables.<BR><BR>Any input would be appreciated.