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    While running a ASP script meant to pass data from one DB to another (Access) I get the following error: <BR><BR>Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error &#039;80040e4d&#039; <BR><BR>[Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Too many client tasks. <BR><BR>Any body seen this before - I&#039;m stumped. <BR><BR>Thanks! <BR><BR>

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    There is a limit in the number of simultaneous connections that can be done to the database. In the case of Access 2000 the theoretical maximum value for this limit is 255 but in most cases this is set be much less (i.e. &#060;25).<BR>So the reason may be that you actually have reached this limit or that you dont closes your connection objects properly.<BR><BR>And by the way, it is sufficient to post the question in one forum.

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