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    Hi,<BR><BR>I am writing B.Board app with ASP. Although the board script works just fine with Internet Explorer, but it fails to work with Netscape 4.7. (never tried with any other version)<BR><BR>The thing is, Netscape just &#039;DIEs&#039; when i try to load up the asp. I have to manually kill the program. Since Netscape just dies, i dont even the any error message.<BR><BR>Do you have any idea why this is happening? Other ASPs are loaded without any problem.<BR><BR>thx in advance for any help!<BR>

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    ...after loading the page in MSIE.<BR><BR>Save the HTML that you see. Run *that* HTML in Netscape (instead of trying to load up the ASP page directly).<BR><BR>It *should* still "hang" Netscape (becuz ASP isn&#039;t really aware of what browser it is talking to, so it should send identical HTML), *but* now you can start taking the HTML apart, a piece at a time, to find your error.<BR><BR>Netscape is far, far fussier than MSIE about mismatched tags (e.g., it won&#039;t display a *thing* if you are missing a &#060;/TABLE&#062; tag!), so look first at all the tags in the HTML. Then start looking at any JavaScript you are sending with the HTML. Again, NS is fussier. Missing the word "document" from a JS specifier can and does cause NS to find nothing, so if you happen to have some loop that does "while ( TheForm.xyz.value != 13 ) ..." [or whatever], you *could* put NS&#039;s JS interpreter into an infinite loop...because TheForm doesn&#039;t exist, so far as it is concerned.<BR><BR>Anyway, by working with the generated HTML instead of from ASP, you eliminate any "dynamic" component from the problem and make it easier to zap pieces of the HTML until it works. And then put the piece back, one at a time, carefully looking for bugs.<BR><BR>But I&#039;d bet a moderate chunk of change that the bug is yours, and in your HTML or JS code.<BR><BR>

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    Default THx a lot :)

    yeah, great advice!<BR><BR>thx, really appreciated!<BR>

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