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    Ed Lee Guest

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    hi,<BR><BR>i want to know how to &#039;customise&#039; the url of response.redirect(URL) command.<BR><BR>i know that i can do &#039;reponse.redirect("index.html")&#039;<BR>b ut i want to know how to pass a variable as the URL in above command like..<BR><BR>myURL=response.cookie("theURL")<BR>r esponse.redirect(myURL)<BR><BR>when i try above command, it gives error saying that myURL is not URL type. <BR><BR>for my application, I need to redirect to a certain page address that&#039;s saved from previous pages.<BR><BR>can anybody help me completing this task?<BR><BR>thx very much in advance.<BR>

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    New ASP Guest

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    Before you do that could you please tell us<BR><BR>myURL=response.cookie("theURL")<BR>respo nse.write myURL &#060;-- Tell us what you get from here?

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    Try this<BR><BR>myURL=response.cookie("theURL")<BR>res ponse.redirect(cstr(myURL))

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    Ed Lee Guest

    Default thx a lot

    thx a lot..<BR><BR>so just any string do the work :)<BR><BR>thx!!!<BR>

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