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    Hello all<BR>I am doing ASP for the first time and am Quasi familiar with HTML, i am running into a couple of <BR>problems , will greatly appreciate if you can help me.<BR><BR><BR>Functionality.<BR>In the first entry screen the first Product name gets from the database the list of all Products<BR>and after the user selects from the list a Product name,<BR>then based on the id of the Product the items combo box fills up with list of all itemss for that Product.<BR>Now when the user selects the items , and enters a year and then clicks submit he gets directed to the second form.<BR>Where he makes changes to a few fields,his able to change values of those fields only if it is the current year.<BR><BR>QUestions<BR><BR>1.Event driving: a.How can after i select the Product name,immediately the items box gets filled up?<BR>b. if the user selects the Product name, how can i pass the corresponding Product id hidden.<BR>the same with items, if the user selects items name how can i pass items id hidden<BR><BR>2. Dialog Boxes, After the user clicks on the submit in the second form, i want a little dialog box pop up and ask do u really want to save it or create it. with Yes, no,cancel options.<BR>How can i create the dialog box,<BR><BR>3. Readonly dyanamically<BR>can i set the value of the HTML field, to readonly or not dyanamically based on a certain condition<BR>in the script, i tried putting it in a variable and adding it, it does not seem to be taking it.<BR><BR>Thanks Much in advance

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    Default Answered above. <eom>


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