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    I want to write a message board for my site.<BR><BR>Does anyone know where I can see an example of a message board/forum wtitten in ASP/HTML/JavaScript ?

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    There are a lot of examples/Free source code all over the net...if you look for iot you will ifnd it...i think even the 4Guys have links to some examples.<BR><BR>

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    Steve Griff Guest

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    Writing message boards are pretty easy in fact.<BR><BR>The one here on aspmessageboard follows an easy and effective method.<BR><BR>Give writing one yourself a stab. :)<BR><BR>I did, only takes a couple of hours.<BR><BR>Steve Griff

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    Marc Cerabona Guest

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    Did you ever find one, I have been looking and found one, but it does not work well.

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