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    I was trying with uploading a file to the server, i installed the aspupload component and i used the file type in the input tag to select the files for uploading, when i try to upload in the immediate asp page (i.e select the files and on submit) every thing workis fine, i thought of doing it like a wizard, first i will enter the name and the description of the file and in the next screen i will select the file and in the next screen i will assign permissions (data base level) (even though it is a bad idea, it is a good way to learn asp) when i move between the pages i was able to pass the name and the description of teh file to next page elements, but i couldnt pass the value that i selected in the previous file type element , it actually tries to open the file i selected, instead of passing the value. is there a way to stop it opening the file that i selected in the last screen and make it act as other similar elements (like text or list elements). Thank you in advance.

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    will need to see the code here

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