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    does any body know how to send data to an asp page using the post method but without using a form.<BR><BR>i need to send the data from a standard vb form to an asp page.

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    You can append all the data to the URL and can send as a query string(GET method).<BR><BR>If you want to send data as a post method then see the microsoft article how to do this in VB<BR><BR><BR>

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    Seems to me the hard part of all of this is coordinating the browser and the VB application. HTTP is an "on-request" protocol, only. That is, the web server never sends *anything* to the browser (or listener, if you are emulating a brower) without being asked to, via a URL. So your VB application has to somehow fire up a browser and tell that browser to go ask for a particular page, etc., etc. <BR><BR>Wouldn&#039;t this be easier to do by driving things *from* the browser? Change the VB application into an ActiveX "object" (e.g., DLL) that you "script" from the browser. After the user fills in the VB form, you use the scripting to retrieve the info from the VB DLL and put the data into hidden form fields in the browser and then submit the hidden form.

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