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    I want to search a database with multiple text input boxes, i.e.<BR>name<BR>department<BR>location<BR><BR>does anyone know of a good article on how to do this<BR><BR>Thanks

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    why not add the text to your SQL string? I know that SQL 7 does have full text search capabilities (and I&#039;m not a SQL guru, so I couldnt tell you how to do this), but why not do:<BR><BR>SELECT * FROM yourtable WHERE name = &#039;nametextboxvalue&#039; AND department = &#039;departmenttextboxvalue&#039; AND location = &#039;locationtextboxvalue&#039; ORDER BY name<BR><BR>You would probably have to do a little client and server data validation to ensure search integrity (apostrophes and junk like that)...

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