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    Sowmiya Guest

    Default Calendar control from ASP

    Hi,<BR><BR>I need a calendar control which looks like a combo(similar to VB) at run time.when i click in the combo i should get a pop up of the calendar in the combo.<BR>How do I get this.<BR>Plz help me out<BR>Thanks in advance.<BR><BR>

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    Default Well, really JavaScript...

    ...nothing really to do with ASP, becuz ASP can&#039;t possibly "pop up" anything. It *only* runs on the server.<BR><BR>But anyway...<BR><BR>I built one of my own design. You can swipe it if you like:<BR><BR> and the "calendar" demo there.<BR><BR>

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    Sowmiya Guest

    Default RE: Well, really JavaScript...

    THanks for the response.<BR><BR>I tried it out with date picker and I got it in the format i need.<BR><BR>Anyway thanks a lot

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