Usman Sk<BR>Bitech,<BR>Chennai – 600006.<BR>E-mail –<BR><BR><BR>Summary: 2 + years experience in Development of Commercial Applications using ASP, JSP, EJB, XML, Client side scripting, VB script, Java script, Visual Basic 6.0, SQL Server 6.5,Oracle 8i. A very good team player with good communication skills and always have interest towards challenging assignments and learning new emerging issues. <BR><BR>Overseas experience in Singapore at Client Place.<BR><BR>Computer Skills<BR><BR>Hardware : Pentium Systems, IBM PC Compatible<BR>Operating System : Windows 2000,95/98/NT.<BR>Software : ASP, VB, JavaScript, VBScript, Java, EJB, JDBC, JSP<BR>Tools : Rational Rose 2000, Jdeveloper 3.1<BR>Database : Oracle 8i, SQL Server 7.0<BR>Web Servers : IIS 4.0, BEA WEBLOGIC 6.0<BR><BR> WORK EXPERIENCE<BR><BR>· Working as Senior Software Engineer for BITECH from Dec 99 – till date.<BR>· Worked as SoftwareEngineer for Compusol Software Division Pvt. Ltd. From Aug 98 – Nov’99.<BR> <BR>Project Details <BR><BR>Bhari Information and Technology Systems Pvt. LTD<BR><BR> <BR>National Arts Council (NAC) <BR><BR>Client : Singapore Computer Systems.<BR>Software : Client Side - HTML, JavaScript & VB Script Server Side – ASPComponents - COM<BR>Web Server : IIS<BR>RDBMS : Oracle 8i<BR><BR> Description <BR>This is an intranet-based application developed for the National Arts Council, Govt. of Singapore. It has 4 major modules<BR> Global Masters - This module has about 40 screens covering Activities like maintaining masters for Nationalities, Education Levels, Categories, Arts and also control tables.<BR> Arts Housing – This module primarily covers the activities Of the NAC in providing subsidized housing and accommodation To the artistes registered with the NAC. It has screens for Maintaining housing schemes, details of housing allotted, Capturing applications for housing requests. It also captures the details of the sponsors and contractors of NAC etc. <BR> Special Accounts – This module covers accounting activities of the NAC like details of rent paid and rent due, expiry/renewal of Tenancy agreements etc.<BR> Awards – This module records the artists and the various Awards they have been given by the NAC and the Govt of Singapore.<BR><BR><BR><BR> Lucent Web Administration System (LWAS)<BR><BR>Client : Singapore Computer Systems.<BR>Software : Client Side - HTML, JavaScript & VB Script Server Side – ASP.Components - COM<BR>Web Server : IIS<BR>RDBMS : Oracle 8i<BR><BR> Description <BR><BR>This project is being done for lucent technologies, Singapore. In this project most of their business activities are web enabled. The two main categories in their activities are <BR>Business communication system on line (BCS on-line) and Asia pacific business partner programs. BCS on line communication deals with their business communications and transactions between their business partners. Asia pacific business partner program deals with the programs and training that are conducted by Lucent to their partner. This facilitates the partners to know about their training programs and other programs that are conducted by the Lucent. Facilities are also provided for their partners to have a home page on this web site. Uploading of file and Images to the server is the one of the challenging part of this project.<BR><BR><BR>Scholarship & Tuition Grant Administration System (STARS)<BR><BR>Client : Singapore Computer Systems for Singapore Government<BR>Software : Client Side - HTML, JavaScript & VB Script Server Side – ASP.Components - COM<BR>Web Server : IIS<BR>RDBMS : Oracle 8i<BR><BR> Description <BR>This project is developed for Singapore Govt., For Web enabling all the activities involved in the Tuition Grant and Teaching Award Presentation.<BR>The Tuition Grant scheme has two-sub schemes 1.foreign scholarship scheme, 2.local scholarship scheme. All the activities right form applying for a scholarship scheme title his /her admission has be web enabled. This makes the job of a student very ease. This web site also gives the status and other details of a student so that they can know their status immediately.<BR>The Teaching award scheme will maintain all the information regarding the teachers, so that they can be rewarded for Teaching Award. <BR><BR><BR>Compusol Software Division Pvt. Ltd. <BR><BR><BR> E-Governance.<BR><BR>Client : Karnataka State Govt., India<BR>Software : Client Side - HTML, JavaScript & VB Script Server Side – ASP.Components - COM<BR>Web Server : IIS<BR>RDBMS : SQLServer6.5<BR><BR><BR>Description<BR><BR>This system is an intranet-based application being developed for Government of Karnataka. The aim of this project is to automate Local administrative work. This is broken into four major modules Revenue, Expenditure, Planning and Budgeting. This project is going to be implemented at district level, taluka level and gram panchayath levels. Consolidated reports are going to be produced at district level and in turn these reports will be sent back at state level .In future these reports will be transferred over WAN or Internet. <BR>The database component to retrieve the information from the data store.<BR><BR>Online Blood Bank.<BR><BR>Client : AOI Info Limited Chennai<BR>Software : Client Side - HTML, JavaScript & VB Script Server Side – ASP.Components - COM<BR>Web Server : IIS<BR>RDBMS : SQLServer6.5<BR><BR>Description <BR> <BR> provides a medium through the Internet for connecting people who are in need of blood, to voluntary blood donor. People can go and check for the availability of the blood group for which they are in need and also they can get the details of the donor. <BR> The cite aims at providing<BR><BR>Ø Instant online accesses to voluntary blood donor all over the world.<BR>Ø Simple online registration for voluntary blood donors.<BR>Ø Online details of blood donors and their blood group, city etc. Institutional / Organizational details.<BR> Interesting facts about blood donation, Known about some of the eminent blood donors.<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Quality Control, Estimation & Mixing System (QUACEMIX).<BR><BR>Client : Flavors & Essences Pvt. Ltd. Mysore.<BR>Software : Visual Basic 5.0, crystal report 6.5 <BR>RDBMS : SQLServer6.5<BR><BR>Description <BR><BR>This system is expected to cater the needs of a Quality Control Department of a Chemical Factory, which is producing flavors and essences from raw materials such as chilly, pepper, garlic etc. This computerization system will help the User in all the stages of the production of the Flavors and Essences from the raw materials. The Mixing process of various batches of finished products is the crucial requirement of this computerized system. This computerized system is designed is such a way that it will be useful in all the business activities from purchasing the raw materials from their suppliers and selling the finished products to their customers. Reports regarding the production of the products on weekly and monthly basis are generated. Also reports like Purchase details, Bill details, finished product list over a period and mixed batches details are generated to facilitate the processing easier for the user.<BR><BR><BR>Personal Profile<BR> <BR>Date of Birth : 08 - 07 - 1975<BR>Passport : B1306462<BR><BR> Education <BR><BR> Master of Computer Applications, Nagarjuna University, Guntur. In the year1998.<BR> Bachelor of Computer Science, Nagarjuna University, Guntur. In the year 1995.<BR>