Hi, i&#039;m trying to do something simple within MS Access 2000<BR>I have 4 tables (Author, Book, Inventory, Publisher)<BR><BR>I want to create a form where when I input info it is automatically updated in the tables. <BR><BR>Here&#039;s my problem:<BR>1)When I input the info, only some of the data is updated in the tables. The rest is not showing up. It just so happens that the info not showing up is under the fields that I am trying to use in a relationship with other tables.<BR><BR>2) after i input the date in the form, if i close the form and reopen it, the stuff i inputted into the form is missing. So if I were to enter 1 record, when i close and reopen the form, it&#039;s start with a blank record at 1 when it should start at 2 and have 1 already filled.<BR><BR>Here are the relationships:<BR><BR>In AuthorTable the field "Surname" should correspond to the field "Surname" in BookTable. <BR><BR>In PublisherTable the field "publisherCode" should correspond to the field "publisherCode" in BookTable.<BR><BR>In InventoryTable the field "ISBN" should correspond to the field "ISBN" in BookTable.<BR><BR>I would really appreciate some help. I could even email you what i&#039;ve done if it&#039;s easier. THanks! <BR><BR>