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    Cindy Guest

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    After redirecting my registration.html form to a registeruser.asp document that writes form information to a database, I get the following error<BR><BR>HTTP 500 - Internal server error <BR>Internet Explorer <BR><BR>I don&#039;t know what this error means. The code for both files look fine and my .asp files are located in the same directory as my html files. Does anyone have any suggestions?<BR><BR>

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    Does the error say anything else? They typically say more than just what you wrote. Are you sure the redirect points properly to the file? A simple thing like that can screw things up. <BR><BR>Vadim C.

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    Jalinder Guest

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    Some suggestions:<BR>1.Check your IIS. MSDN suggests that :)<BR>2.This error occurs when data is not posted properly. Do you have file upload logic in these files? If you have this might be causing ht eproblems.<BR>3.Use a single file. It seems you are using registeruser.asp for just populating info to database. Why not use this file to display the form also and then submit it to the same file. YOu can have an action=insert querystring passed for enabling the insertion.<BR><BR><BR>Just suggestions...

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