Need opion on file update.

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Thread: Need opion on file update.

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    Default Need opion on file update.

    I am creating a board for tech support. I can't decide if I want to create a new entry, under the original, for each new modification, or just udate the text in the previous field and resave it over the other. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    So you want to create an messageboard like system? Well, the one we are using right now is nice, and makes total sense. I mean people want to read people&#039;s questions and their answers, so deleting the question after is pointless (what if the reply isn&#039;t correct either??). <BR><BR>Also, what will you try using? A DB? A txt file? Those are also considerations. I would stick to DB. <BR><BR>Was this a technical question? I didn&#039;t see any real ASP/SQL issue... so this was my 2 cents.<BR><BR><BR>Vadim C.<BR><BR>

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