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    An ASP page of mine is saying that my recordset is read only, yet, no matter what options I choose when opening the recordset, it still says that it is! Can anyone help?<BR><BR>heres where I open the recordset:<BR><BR> objRS.Open "StudentsTB", objConn,adOpenForwardOnly,adLockPessimistic, adcmdtable<BR><BR>and the error occurs when I try to use &#039;objRS.delete&#039;<BR><BR>Bob

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    I presume that, by all combinations, you mean that you also tried adOpenStatic and/or adOpenKeyset?<BR><BR>If so, I&#039;d have to be that the DB itself is read only. Have you checked permissions of the DB file and/or the directory it is in? Does the web server have write privileges for them?<BR><BR>

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