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    I need to create a pulldown menu that lists all folders inside a "root" folder on the server. Then, when user selects a folder in the pulldown, need to parse each document inside that folder and display a "thumbnail" image whose "src" will be located by a parameter setting inside each document.<BR><BR>The idea here is to create a customizeable "objects palette" similar to what dreamweaver and GoLive offer. The user can customize the palette by adding folders to the specified "root" folder where objects are to be stored. Inside these folders will be .HTM files that each contain HTML/XML formatted snippets that can be added to a document layout by dragging its palette icon over to a document that is being edited by an online WYSIWYG editor. <BR><BR>Anyway, I am looking for some guidance on how to approach the folder listing, directory browsing and file parsing routines.

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    Use the FileSystemObject. 4guys has some articles on this.

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