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    Linda Pyrc Guest

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    I have an Access database on the server that links in tables from another Database using the UNC for the path name. This works fine whilst Im in Access but when I reference the linked tables via ASP I get &#039;\serverfolderdatabasename.mdb&#039; is not a valid path etc etc.<BR><BR>I dont know NT very well so Im unsure wether this is possibly a permission problem with NT or wether server-side cant handle UNC paths.<BR><BR>Can anyone help me. :-)<BR>

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    Try mapping the directory and linking the tables into the database with the mapped path

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    Linda Pyrc Guest

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    Unfortunately my client doesnt have Access installed on their server so I cant map a path on the server and then link the tables using that server mapped path on the Server. And obviously if I map it from my machine and link the tables the Server is not going to recognise the Mapped path. <BR><BR>I will try and get Access installed on the server or the NT Admin to map a specific path that I can duplicate on my machine. unless you have any further ideas.<BR><BR>Thanks for your help

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