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    If I have 7 tables in an Access database, each with just over 5,000 records each, I should use SQL right? If not please tell me.<BR><BR>So do I just use the upsizing wizard? I have tried doing that before and it just doesn&#039;t work! I get a "connection failed" error message everytime. Do I need to buy the program for $10,000???<BR><BR>I am new to SQL server and would appreciate any help.<BR><BR>-Justin

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    Hey,<BR><BR>Typically if you go public, and need lots of connections, SQL Server is the way to go. Access is okay upto 30 connections (that&#039;s what MS says).<BR><BR>As for migrating the DB up, you can use the Enterprise Manager tool of SQL Server to migrate an Access DB. Goto:<BR><BR>Tools -&#062; Data Transformation Services -&#062; Import Data <BR><BR>and follow onscreen instructions. That&#039;s simple enough. <BR><BR>As for the connection failed, well, I know you don&#039;t have to BUY it to make it work.. ahem.. so try the above method, and see. <BR><BR>-Vadim C.

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