Asp code the same for Access and Sql 7?

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Thread: Asp code the same for Access and Sql 7?

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    Hi,<BR><BR>I have written a very small asp application for price checking at our store. The asp page in vb script uses a few parameters passed to an Access 2000 database I built (very small) is an example...<BR><BR>strSQLGetId = "qryGetId " & intGetId<BR><BR>So I want to write the database in sql7 or sql 2000. Will this code above work the same for sql7 and sql 2000 (of course chaning my connection string)...? I guess I am asking if the asp pages I write will work with all types of databases with the only change being the connection string. I am pretty good with access but am lost with SQL server/7 and I am going to purchase one of them....but hope I don&#039;t have to rewrite alot of my asp code.<BR><BR>Also, will a database in Access roughly 1 meg in size (no records) be about the same size when built from scrath in SQL 7 or server 2000?<BR><BR>Thank you<BR><BR>

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    yes, the ASP code is more or less the same. the connection string will be different, but the rest would be OK. there are also some minor differences in SQL between the two, but nothing too major..<BR><BR>j

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