Hello, <BR><BR>I&#039;m coding a server-side application in VBScript. The application in question allows the user to alter dates (last updated, expiry dates, etc.) read in from an XML file. <BR><BR>Our server uses the dd/mm/yyyy date format and regional settings in the control panel are configured as such. <BR><BR>A problem occurs when dealing with dates where the format could possibly be mm/dd/yyyy (ie. 02/01/2001, could be 1st Feb 2001 or 1st Jan 2001). Even though the regional settings are dd/mm/yyyy, when calling the Month("02/01/2001") the return value is 2! This is obviously wrong as the return value should be 1. <BR><BR>When an unambiguous date such as 29/02/2001 is read in (could not possibly be mm/dd/yyyy) the month function behaves properly. <BR><BR>We are formatting all dates read in from files using the FormatDateTime(date,2) function call, (2=short date). Following this, a quick response.write(date) proves that the dates are formatted dd/mm/yyyy. <BR><BR>Do I have to set some regional settings within the ASP code to set dd/mm/yyyy formatting? <BR><BR>Thanks, <BR><BR>Chris