Well, here is one for the pros;<BR>Brief background: I have built a 30 item survey.<BR>Hidden field has "username" in cookie.<BR>Hidden field action for cookie: &#060;%=Request.Cookies("UserName")%&#062;<BR><BR> Now, here is the my challenge:<BR><BR>Each item (test question) has it&#039;s own form and seperate html page<BR>So, there are 30 forms, html pages<BR><BR>The first page is an insert record to establish the username the db, and the<BR>first record is recorded in column 1<BR>The rest of the pages are "update" records. The recordset locates the<BR>username and places the record in the appropriate column.<BR><BR>This works fine if I only had one username.<BR><BR>When usernames are added to the db and they begin inserting/ updating<BR>records here is what occurs:<BR><BR>The last user that updates test items 2-29 replaces all the other usernames<BR>with its user name.<BR>so, if user: charlie, starts the survey, all prior usernames become charlie<BR>if user carol follows charlie, all usernames become carol.<BR><BR><BR>I must not have the proper settinging the record set.<BR><BR>Can anyone help?<BR><BR>thanks in advance!