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    I posted this yesterday but did not understand the answer that I had recieved.I want to find a function that I can pass a URL to and have it save the code that that URL puts out. I don&#039;t care about the HTML or ASP code of the page because I am going to strip it all out anyway.<BR><BR>I know in Perl you can use the getstore function..<BR>E.G.<BR>$homepage = &#039;the_page.html&#039;;<BR>$status = getstore(&#039;;, $homepage);<BR><BR><BR>This code is perl will save the output of the URL to a file called the_page.html on my server. So is there a way I can do this in ASP. The reason I do not do it with Perl is that the server has to have LWP::Simple Mudule installed and I have not heard back from the hosting company as of yet, so I thought I would look for others ways around this.<BR><BR>Thanks for the help in advance<BR><BR>Stephen

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    You could use FSO to create a text document, save the code to the text document and then chagne the name to what you want it to be... or something roughly similiar to that.

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