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    Here is the problem. I have a html page that just has a location.href to a asp page.The url has in it a querystring that is passed to the asp page here. This is the scenario:<BR>1. a.htm page has location.href="test.asp?id=xxxx"<BR>2. a.htm file deleted.<BR>3. A new file with the same name a.htm created with location.href="test.asp?id=yyyy"<BR>4. Now when I click on the hyperlink that has a.htm, it goes to test.asp with id=xxxx.<BR>I delete the cache and it goes with the correct id.<BR>Initially I thought the htm file is getting cached,so I put &#060;META HTTP-EQUIV="PRAGMA" CONTENT="NO-CACHE"&#062; in the .htm page.No go.<BR>Then I thought test.asp page is getting cached(my best bet).So I put Response.Expires=-1 in the asp page.No go.<BR>This is a big problem in my application since a new file HTML file replaces an old one pointing to a different site(id).But since the asp page receives a deleted id,it says "Site doesnot exist" or something to that effect.<BR>Where is the cache problem coming here? <BR>Thanks in advance.<BR>Kameshwari.

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    It&#039;s kind of ironic that you mention this problem, because I just had this same exact problem myself. If you have appropriate rights, go into IIS and under the headers tab (I think this is where it&#039;s at) tell IIS to expire content immediately. This should solve your problem.

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