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    James H. Guest

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    I want to give a user an option of printing an ASP page by clicking on a button rather than using the print button on the browser tool bar, and I want it to print the page the way I want it to without the annoying stuff that the print button on the browser adds (name of page, page number, address, date in the four corners). <BR><BR>Anyone know how to do this?

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    Well you have to create a print page (printable version) without the stuff you dont want<BR><BR>use window.print() will work in IE 5 and above<BR><BR>

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    James H. Guest

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    Thanks, but I can&#039;t get rid of that **** info it forces into the corners of the page: page name, page numbers, URL, date). How can I get it to _not_ print that stuff?<BR><BR>I have it down pat except for that one annoying fact.<BR><BR>Someone suggested using openApplication to a Word document, but I can&#039;t find reference on that. Do you know where I can look?

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    Kevitt Guest

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    window.print() was mentioned, but I didn&#039;t hear you say that you actually were using IE5.<BR><BR>Unfortunately, the header/footer when you print the page is locally defined on the client. Not only that, but I believe it is a separate setting for every logon at every client.<BR><BR>At any rate, there&#039;s nothing you can do about it server-side.

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    James H. Guest

    Default about--

    Well, I am using IE5 as are all the users. It is in a company intranet. In fact, only ONE person will use this page, so I could fix her settings. How would I do that?<BR><BR>Also, I read somewhere that XML allows you do define print settings. But I have yet to find an article anywhere that explains that. Do you know any good place to look?

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    Kevitt Guest

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    In IE...<BR>Go to File -&#062; Page Setup -&#062; look at Headers & Footers

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