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    My last write shows up if any of the if statements (except the first) are false. How might I fix this so it only shows up if all if the if a=b or c=d statements are both true?<BR><BR>If rs.eof then<BR> write<BR>else<BR> if a=b then<BR> update<BR><BR>else<BR> write<BR>end<BR><BR>if c=d then<BR> update<BR>else<BR> write<BR>end<BR><BR>write<BR>end

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    If rs.eof then<BR>&nbsp; &nbsp; write<BR>elseif a=b OR c=d then &#039; notice NO SPACE between else and if !!!<BR>&nbsp; &nbsp; update<BR>else<BR>&nbsp; &nbsp; write<BR>end if<BR><BR><BR>

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