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    Is there anywhere to download code for financial functions in VBScript (FV, Rate ...)? The same ones that come with VB. Or maybe an object with these functions? <BR>Thanks.

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    Default A good question!

    No, I haven&#039;t seen one.<BR><BR>But they aren&#039;t hard to write.<BR><BR>For example, the basic formula for a loan with regular monthly payments is:<BR><BR>LoanAmount = PaymentAmount * ( 1 - ( 1 + MonthlyInterestRate) ^ -NumberOfMonths ) / MonthlyInterestRate )<BR><BR>where the interest rate is expressed as a decimal, not a percent, of course.<BR><BR>And a little simple algebra means you can go the other way:<BR><BR>PaymentAmount = LoanAmount / ( 1 - ( 1 + MonthlyInterestRate) ^ -NumberOfMonths ) / MonthlyInterestRate )<BR><BR>There is no formula possible for getting the interest rate given the other three values; you simply have to use an iterative algorithm where you try too-high and too-low values until you converge on (or actually very near) a right answer.<BR><BR>Finally, if you know the other three and want the number of months, that one does involve a bit of trickier algebra. If you care, I *think* it is:<BR><BR>temp = 1 / ( 1 - (LoanAmount * MonthlyInterestRate / PaymentAmount ) )<BR>NumberOfMonths = Log( temp ) / (12 * Log( 1 + MonthlyInterestRate ) )<BR><BR>If those don&#039;t work, tell me and I&#039;ll whip up a demo page to see what I did wrong.<BR><BR>

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