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    I am having difficulty with my Commerce shopping cart again. As I continue to grow past several 1500 user sessions a day it is clear I am going to need to design and program my own shopping cart so that I alone am responsible if it goes offline and I can get it back online asap. I am asking for advice if there is a consensus out there, which technologies I should use to program from scratch a new cart.<BR><BR>Should I use A compiled .exe with a language such as C++ , Visual Basic, or Java?<BR><BR>Or should I compile an ASP component?<BR><BR>Could / Should I use XML in any way if I only plan on using the data within my own site(s)?<BR><BR>What technologies should I use?<BR><BR>I currently run on Windows 2000 and SQL Server 2000<BR><BR>Sincerely,<BR><BR>Daniel Acuff

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    Haven&#039;t seen your name in awhile.. busy?<BR><BR>.exe??? HELL NO. Get that out of your head now. NO EXE for the web!<BR><BR>Compiled component(dll). Yes. You can write it in VB, and you&#039;ll get significant speeds. I don&#039;t know your learning curve, but trust me when I say this, that if you have no COM experience, forget about using C++ for this. It&#039;s a SOB. Java is a bit more friendly, but I&#039;d stick with VB.<BR><BR>XML -- Do you need to? Do you want to learn it? It&#039;s not as easy as face value appears. Just because you CAN use XML, doesn&#039;t mean you SHOULD use XML. It&#039;s slower than a db, that&#039;s for sure.

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    I would seriously consider creating a COM+ component (VB dll). The VB environment will help you greatly, even though it can be a pain to recompile the dll and re-register it if you break your binary compatibility. And even though it is VB, you will still have to code stateless.<BR><BR>The nice thing is that you can place a copy of the same COM+ component on multiple servers if your workload is heavy.<BR><BR>As far as XML goes, we plan on using it extensively on the middle tier in our next company project. But we chose to do that because it lended itself nicely to a hierarchical data structure. Much of the data needed on the front end was hierarchical by nature. Like Desert Ghost mentioned, I&#039;m not sure you would need that sophistication for a cart solution. That&#039;s up to you.<BR><BR>

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