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Thread: inline code vs. includes

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    Keith M Guest

    Default inline code vs. includes

    Hey party people-<BR><BR>Does anyone have an opinion between using inline code/functions/subs vs. includes? Apart from the obvious benefits of code reusability with includes, are there any other performance benefits in using? For example, it is easier to do global search/replaces in a single file, but the sheer size of some pages just make things stupid sometimes. Any input is much appreciated!<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>-Keith

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    Justin Bonaparte Guest

    Default I LUV INCLUDES! <eop>


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    Default includes = good

    Well<BR><BR>Aside from napolean,<BR><BR>I use includes to hold functions in logical sections,<BR><BR>its much easier to debug and keeps things cleaner.<BR><BR>speed wise, i doubt there is much of any gain, but *modularization* is a real benefit.<BR><BR>

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