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Thread: On Error Resume Next override server custom error

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    Hi,<BR><BR>I am using the vbscript err object On Error Resume Next and On Error Goto 0 in my code. If the server has custom error pages set (using the ASPError object...or just in IIS2) does my code override the server setting? I believe it does because the default server setting to the default error page is a server.transfer just like it would be with a custom server error page. I just need to make sure. I don&#039;t have a server to test my code on so I can&#039;t change the default error handling. I know that the ASPError object will not be able access the error details if I use the On Error Resume next...but I don&#039;t even see how the default can run if my vbscript error object overrides the default server...did that make sense?<BR><BR>Thanks for any ideas.<BR><BR>Smo

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    If you have an on error resume next what happens is it will ignore the error and move onto the next line...you have to check for the error after some code(that MAY result in an error) or at the end of the page and then do something....otherwise all the errors on your page will not be trapped/visible

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