Getting IIS to work on Win2K Professional

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Thread: Getting IIS to work on Win2K Professional

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    I just installed Win2K Professional on my laptop, so that I can start developing my site while traveling. I chose Win2K Pro because I saw that it actually has the option of installing IIS, instead of PWS. (Unless it really is PWS, not sure. But it says IIS.) Anyway. Currently I am not connected to the network, so of course it defaults to the local loop back address ( as my assigned IP address.<BR><BR>I am able to locally FTP to the FTP services running. But I cannot connect via HTTP. I.e.;<BR><BR><BR>http://win2k-lap01/default.htm<BR>http://localhost/default.htm<BR><BR>All of these do not work. IIS looks like everything is configured properly. And the services are started. But it does not work.<BR><BR>Anyone had any like experiences? I have done this hundreds of times on NT4.0 Servers & Win2K Servers, but never on a standalone Win2K Professional workstation.<BR><BR>Help Please.. -Ken Wincel

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    Have you tried opening the IIS MMC, finding the file you want to open, right click on that file and click browse? If that doesn&#039;t pull up the page you want, make sure that the Website you&#039;re using isn&#039;t stopped. If it is stopped, right click on the site and click &#039;Start&#039;.

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