I&#039;m seeking information of some kind of Mail Service scripting as shown in the following examples: <BR><BR>1) Setting up email accounts through scripting run subsequent to requests from clients on our website. <BR>i.e- A student of a school, whose web site is hosted on our server, wants an email address, such as jsmith@newenglandtech.com. He logs on to our web site to setup his free email address. A web form receives the requested name, verifies it is unique and sets it up on our email server. <BR>2) Setting up automatic scripted responses based on the contents of an received email&#039;s subject or body. <BR>i.e.- A student wants to be removed from our mailing list and cancel his email account with us. jsmith@newenglandtech.com now needs to be removed. We send out a confirmation email, which he replies to. This email has a unique identifier in the Subject which tells us which account to cancel (accomplished through a script). <BR><BR>Any ideas on how you do this on your current systems??