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    I am a AS/400 programmer for the past 2 year, Now I had planned to shift to the latest web technologies like ASP,java...How to go about it with ASP..<BR><BR>Please write to me personally or through the thread...<BR><BR>My mail-id is

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    I want to warn you against assuming that ASP development is going to be easy.<BR><BR>But a good road to success will be to get working knowledge of IIS, JavaScript, VBScript, HTML, browser differences and solid design methodologies.<BR><BR>A plus will be to learn Com development and to get a good understanding of N-Tier development. Either in C++ or VB. MTS, Windows NT Security, Visual InterDev ... all are pluses.<BR><BR>My question to you is why are you giving up your AS/400 job? A Sr. ASP/VB developer can pull in about $120,000 ... an entry level will make about $45,000 ... but a good AS/400 guy can rake in around $225,000 ... while an entry level starts at about 65-70k.<BR><BR>

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