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    Patrik Guest

    Default Very Dynamic Variable

    OK !!! I&#039;ll give this a final try in the advanced section :)<BR><BR>I&#039;d like to output userdefined content and I&#039;d need a dynamically built var for that.<BR>My code:<BR>Set Temp3Content = connect.Execute(Get stuff from AccessDB)<BR>&#060;%= Temp3Content.Fields("FieldName").Value %&#062;<BR><BR>This worx but...<BR>What I&#039;d really need to do is to have the "Temp3Content"<BR>dynamic. In JS I would solve it kind of like this...<BR><BR>eval("Temp" & UserInp & "Content").Fields("FieldName").Value<BR><BR>Is this posible ???

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    Shafe Guest

    Default Not advanced, just RTFM

    You answered your own question, all you need to do is RTFineM<BR><BR>Example (in VBScript):<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR> temp1 = "hello"<BR> temp2 = "there"<BR> intx = 1<BR><BR> response.write eval("temp" & intx)<BR>%&#062;

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    Patrik Guest

    Default RE: Won't work though

    Hmm, yes I got the same reply earlyer in the forum.<BR>But I cant get it to work.<BR>Might this be an VB verion issue ???

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    Justin Bonaparte Guest

    Default RE: Won't work though

    Patrik, I think you are confusing client and server side script. To get information back to the server, you would want to use a form element that is submitted. Once ASP has sent the code to the browser, the only way to send information back is through remote scripting (bleech!), form elements or cookies.

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    Default EVAL only works in VBS version 5 and above...

    ...but you *should* be able to install version 5 on your machine, even if you don&#039;t install anything else more recent.<BR><BR>What kind of error do you get when you use EVAL?<BR><BR>One comment: It is best to EVAL the entire expression, not just the first part of it.<BR><BR>eval("Temp" & UserInp & "Content.Fields(""FieldName"").Value" )<BR><BR>I *do* have to ask why you need this. You are implying that you have multiple recordsets in use and are choosing one of them, yes? First of all, 90% of the time code that uses multiple recordsets is wrongly doing so. Almost always there is another (and better) solution using only a single recordset.<BR><BR>Second of all, there&#039;s a *truly* easy way to do this: Use an array.<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR>Dim allRSs( 4 ) &#039; or whatever number<BR>Set allRSs( 0 ) = RecordSetNumber0<BR>Set allRSs( 1 ) = RecordSetNumber1<BR>...<BR>Set allRSs( 2 ) = RecordSetNumber2<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>And now no EVAL is needed:<BR><BR>allRSs( UserInp ).Fields("whatever").Value<BR><BR>does it for you.<BR><BR><BR> <BR>

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