We have a large website which is driven by a dedicated SQL server. The main DB contains over 500,000 records. These records are selected, updated and inserted frequently (over 1 million page views per day & 10,000 new records added a day). <BR><BR>The problem is during high traffic times the Inserts and Updates timeout. The main column is the USERNUM - this column is an Identity Seed (and Primary Key) and serves as the main column for Selecting and Updating. We set up a clustered index on this column which dramatically improved the Selects but when when were busy (1000 current connections) the Updates and Inserts timeout. Removing the clustered index on USERNUM results in timeouts on the Selects.<BR><BR>We&#039;ve tried a bunch of thing to find the right balance but can&#039;t seem to avoid one of the functions from timing out. I would be happy to anwser further questions if anyone can help.<BR><BR>Thanks!