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    Arjan Denkers Guest

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    Hey,<BR><BR>I want to add a value into a database, but it must be added in the last record! I don&#039;t know how that works! Please help?!<BR>Thanks!

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    From a logical standpoint, records in a relational database have no ordering - the physical storage of records is of no concern. Ordering is imposed by queries, not inherent in the data, so you CANNOT insert a record at a specific location.<BR><BR>The value of CursorLocation has no bearing on how you run queries or insert data - it controls how the data is handled in memory.<BR><BR>Dunc

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    Arjan Denkers Guest

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    Thanks for your reply.<BR>I want to add a value into a table where the key is a autonumber.<BR>This is the table:<BR>ID Name<BR>(auto) (text)<BR><BR>I only want to add a file into the textfield of Name. Can that be done? Or must I add a value in the ID too????<BR>I hope to hear some more......

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    Eddie Campbell Guest

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    Just ignore the autonumber field. It will be filled automatically. You only need to supply data for the name field.<BR>

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    Arjan Guest

    Default It worked!


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