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    fl1rt Guest

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    Call me a cheap skate but I simply hate to pay for applications.<BR><BR>I wish to build a customized browser email facility for logging in and checking free email accounts - the interface should be fairly easy to build (like yahoo) but I&#039m stuck on the POP handling side of things.<BR><BR>What is the technology behind sending and receiving POP email rather than buy a componant?<BR><BR>Can anyone assist by pointing me in the right direction - I&#039ve noticed similar requests in the past.<BR><BR>fl1rt

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    keithadler@hotmail.com Guest

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    The best solution is to install the Microsoft SMTP service with IIS and a pop mail-capable server like SendMail or Exchange Server (that is if your company doesn&#039t already have a mail server). This can be very expensive.<BR><BR>Just as a side note, if you want to give visitors to your web site free mail, you can use the service at http://www.everyone.net. They offer hotmail-like functionality for your site&#039s visitors and it is free. There are even ways to turn your mail users into profits.

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    fl1rt Guest

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    your suggestion of www.everyone.net do seem to offer a better solution than one I know of called www.bigmailbox.com<BR><BR>but I&#039d still rather take 100% of banner revenue than 50%!<BR>The expensive MS install solution is a no go<BR> : (<BR><BR>thanx

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    Mr Community. Guest

    Default but 6 MEGS free!

    I wanted to make my own "internal" message system,<BR>but I don&#039t think I could affor do so. Seeing that<BR>I only have 100 Meg&#039s left to spare, I would only be<BR>able to support 50 or so members.<BR><BR>But with a free mailbox site .. they give you the space.<BR>Sounds good to me. But I agree also with 100% free<BR>advertising. At least, I want 100% of the advertising :)

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    I&#039ve found the components available at http://www.eurosource.se/activex/Default.htm<BR>to be quite useful, they are free and so is the source code.

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