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    Is it possable to write pages using ASP that will run on Netscape 4 browsers? I&#039;m not an expert programmer, I&#039;ve put some functionality together on my site that uses ASP, but can not get it to work with Nestcape browsers. I wondered whether I was doing something stupid, or just needed to use a different tool for producing dynamic database driven content for Netscape browsers.<BR><BR>If any one is interested in seeing what I am trying to do the link is<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Chris Abbey

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    Chris Abbey Guest

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    Ooops...<BR>Made a mistake with the title.

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    Eddie Campbell Guest

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    Yes,<BR><BR>ASP works perfectly well with Netscape. ASP is truely browser independent.<BR><BR>Where you *might* be having problems are in these areas:<BR><BR>1) Client side VBscript will NOT run on Netscape - Use Javascript<BR><BR>2) Netscape is really fussy about table tags - Make sure you you close all your &#060;TD&#062;s and &#060;TR&#062;s<BR><BR>3) Some features supported by IE are not supported by Netscape - There are articles on the 4 Guys web site that outline some of these.<BR><BR>4) Netscape is in my opinion a waste of space. But as some people insist on using it, keep your pages as simple as possible.

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    Netscape 4.x may be a waste of space, but it&#039;s also obsolete. Netscape 6 is THE most standards-compliant browser out there. it has an elegant object model (full w3c dom) and it renders quickly. the only penalty is slow startup, which I&#039;m told they&#039;re working on. It&#039;s worth a go... really.

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    Eddie Campbell Guest

    Default Oh OK then... I'll give them another try ...


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