Hello,<BR> I have been trying to get this working for sometime now and haven&#039;t been able to get an answer. I am hoping someone here can help me! I have page setup to send out multiple emails to people in my mailing list. I am using CDOMail to handle this. Everything is working smoothly. However, I would like to know when and if CDOMail ever encounters and error. I guess the best way to explain what I want is to use another component to compare. Basically, I want to duplicate the way ASPMail handles errors like the example listed below (which is the way I would handle it in ASPMail)...<BR><BR>If NOT mailer.sendmail then<BR>msg = mailer.response<BR>Response.Write "Mail not sent. Error message was" & msg<BR>End If<BR><BR><BR>How can I duplicate this in CDOMail? Thanks a million in advance for even taking the time to read this!<BR><BR>- James<BR><BR>