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Thread: using previous user input to perform other action

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    hi i'm new to asp. i'm creating a site using frontpage & asp.user have to login using valid password where the password and other of their info was in the database(e.g:user info table).this site will display their information according to the password they prob here is how can i make sure that as they enter their password,all /certain of their record from the table will be displayed(according to their password input using form)and how can i use this password to proceed to other asp page/action without entering their password several time to display their info..sorry for this long question.can anybody help..thanx

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    There are many, many, many ways to do what you are asking for:<BR><BR>Session variable values, cookies, hidden form fields, for starters.<BR><BR>And all of those can be combined with database info for an entire new set of (probably larger) answers.<BR><BR>It&#039;s time to go get a *good* book and read, read, read. And then start browsing the various ASP "help" sites (such as 4Guys--the parent of this board--and and and and) and again read, read, read.<BR><BR>When you feel you are to the point where you can ask a *specific* question, then come back here and ask it!<BR><BR>But to fully answer you, I&#039;d have to write two or three *CHAPTERS* in a book! Dozens of pages, at least. Sorry, but this is not the place to publish such a book. Too tranistory (grin).<BR><BR>

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