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Thread: "Transfer" command in PWS?

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    ScottA Guest

    Default "Transfer" command in PWS?

    I&#039;m trying to use the "Server.Transfer(&#060;Destination URL&#062;)" command to throw processing to another page (on an error) and then stop. I doesn&#039;t seem to work. It performs the line before and the line after, it just never transfers. I&#039;m sure the page is there and the code is getting hit. <BR><BR>I&#039;m running PWS on 95 and I&#039;m thinking maybe the asp is only version 2.0 which would not be able to understand that.(?) Any ideas? If so, any idea how to go about upgrading the ASP component of PWS to 3.0 or am I SOL.

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    the other Doug Guest

    Default RE:

    You can upgrade your PWS server at microsofts site. I don&#039;t know if that is the problem or not. But thought that it may help.

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    Default I do not think it works with PWS...

    The docs pretty clearly say that Server.Execute and Server.Transfer are features of *IIS*...and of IIS version 5, at that.<BR><BR>

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