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    Default Difference between Client Side/Server Side

    Hi everyone<BR><BR>I am very new in ASP, can any body have any article or any other material who explain me whats the difference between Client Side & Server Side script and how I know this script is required on client side to server side. May be you know what I mean?<BR><BR>Thanks for help<BR><BR>Haroon

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    It would be most beneficial for you to buy a book. However, just to give you a little jumpstart...<BR><BR>I&#039;m sure you know that if you&#039;re dealing with data-manipulation, you&#039;d need server-side code (code that is processed on the server). Basically, any code you have that will affect what is initially output to the client&#039;s browser belongs on the server. The server will process all of the code, then send the resulting HTML/client-side script to the browser. From that point, the browser handles all the client-side script. For example, let&#039;s say I want to have a button that checks all the checkboxes on my page when clicked. The page is already on my browser, right? It has lost it&#039;s connection with the server. It&#039;s just a plain HTML page, doing it&#039;s own thing. So we&#039;d use client-side code (vbscript, javascript) to tell the browser to go through and check each of those checkboxes. Any code that runs in response to user action on that same page is client-side. Kind of make sense? When I first started, I found this same area confusing. As soon as it clicks, though, you&#039;ll do much better!

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