&nbsp;<BR>I have a web page that pulls together 15 record sets related to a single item<BR>for sale. I choose to use ADO&#039;s Hierarchical Recordsets to pull this<BR>information together and for the sake of simplicity, I wrote a stored procedure<BR>that accepts two pieces of information: offer_no, and the type of information of<BR>obtain. Here&#039;s a shortened version of the query:<BR><BR>SHAPE {SELECT 6700123 AS offer_no, fl7905.offer_status<BR> FROM fl7905 WITH (NOLOCK)<BR> WHERE fl7905.offer_no = 6700123}<BR>APPEND ({EXEC spGetRecap 6700123, &#039;color&#039;} AS color RELATE offer_no TO offer_no),<BR> ({EXEC spGetRecap 6700123, &#039;leaf&#039;} AS leaf RELATE offer_no TO offer_no)<BR><BR>This code works wonderfully in an IIS5/ADO2.6/SQL7 environment, but it appears<BR>to cache the results from the first appended record set, returning them for the<BR>results of the record appended recordset. It&#039;s as if the stored procedure&#039;s<BR>parameters are being cached. Executing the individual SQL pieces in Query<BR>Analyzer returns the correct results. We replaced the single stored proc with<BR>customized procs for each situation (one for color, one for leaf, etc), rebuilt<BR>the SHAPE call, and it works fine.<BR><BR>I find it difficult to believe that we&#039;ve found something you can do with<BR>IIS5/ADO2.6/SQL7 that CAN&#039;T be done with IIS5/ADO2.6/SQL2000, but I&#039;m hard-<BR>pressed to offer any other explanation. Help! results in an IIS5/ADO2.6/SQL2000<BR>environment.