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    My site is hosted in a shared server environment. I am using a DSNless connection (thanks 4GUYS) to connect to the Access97 database. I am trying to attach a password to the database to prevent local access to the information, however this prevents ASP from connecting.<BR><BR>Base1.Open "PROVIDER=MICROSOFT.JET.OLEDB.4.0;DATA SOURCE=" & dbPath & ";User ID = ; Password = ABC;"<BR><BR>Gives this error:<BR>Cannot start your application. The workgroup information file is missing or opened exclusively by another user.<BR><BR>I have tried user names, UID instead of User ID, PWD instead of Password and many other variations, all with the same basic result … it don’t work.<BR><BR>Any HELP!!!! would be greatly appreciated.<BR><BR>Al<BR>

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    You have to create/modify your workgroup information file with the User Level Security Wizard (tools menu). After you have done that, you need to add users to the users and admins groups (again, tools menu) I think accounts are set up with blank passwords but that&#039;s easy to change.<BR><BR>If you think this will REALLY protect your database, you&#039;re dreaming. It&#039;s very easy to get around Access&#039; "security".

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    Default how , then do you secure it for real?

    how do you secure Access97 for real?

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