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    Hi peeps (again)<BR><BR>How do you find out if there is a value in the Message_Author return value in: -<BR><BR>Message_Author = Request.Form("Message_Author");<BR><BR>if(Message_ Author != "")<BR>{<BR><BR>}<BR><BR>doesn&#039;t work...<BR><BR>suggestions....?<BR><BR>Steve Griff

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    if Message_Author="" then<BR> do whatever<BR>end if<BR>

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    What do you mean by "doesn&#039;t work". Is it not evaluating the variable correctly when you believe it&#039;s blank?<BR><BR>Have you tried Response.Writing it out to the page first? Also, jam the else clause in there so you know what&#039;s being evaluated.<BR><BR>What you have should work... unless there is a space in there somewhere.

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