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    As far as I understand it the standard way of storing an Array at the Application level is the as follows:<BR><BR>//declare array<BR>Dim roomN(3)<BR><BR>//fill array<BR>Dim roomN(0) = "1st box"<BR>Dim roomN(1) = "2nd box"<BR>Dim roomN(2) = "3rd box"<BR><BR>Application("room") = roomN<BR><BR><BR>how do I refer to this array in my asp pages.

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    YOu don&#039;t keep dimming it... you should be getting errors.<BR><BR>Dim myArray(3)<BR><BR>myArray(0) = "one"<BR>....<BR><BR><BR>Then you can read your array into a local variable from the application, and you have access to it.<BR>

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