I hope someone can help, I am creating ASP to insert multiple checkbox values into a database, Ive managed to get it to work when I insert only one field per record, however i also want to insert another field defined by a session var. I am using the SP below(Access Query) with the following parameters set ([@EmpID], [@Catid]);<BR>The code seems to insert the first field. I think it&#039;s just my syntax thats wrong as Im fairly new to ASP & SQL. (3 weeks)<BR><BR>for i = 1 to 26<BR>sID = Request("dbchk"&i)<BR>if sID &#060;&#062; "" then<BR>con.Execute " exec Insertproc "(employer.Fields.Item("EmployerID").Value)&","&Re quest("dbchk"&i)<BR>end if<BR>Next <BR><BR>The Stored PRocedure is:- INSERT INTO EmployerCats ( EmployerID, CatID )<BR>VALUES ([@EmpID], [@Catid]);<BR><BR><BR><BR>con.Execute " exec Insertproc "(employer.Fields.Item("EmployerID").Value)&","&Re quest("dbchk"&i)---How do I seperate these two variables so they are recognised by by SQL and inserted into their relevant fields??<BR><BR>Any Help would be greatly Appreciated..<BR><BR>