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    I am writing a little web application and want to authenticate against NT Domain. So what I want to do is that there is a logon screen for user to enter the username, password and domain name. <BR> Then take this iinformation and authenticate against that NT domain. <BR>I know it is possible but don&#039;t know how to do it. If any one has done this and could help me with it. I will appriciate it.<BR>Thanks<BR>Vinay Bansal

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    You don&#039;t need a componet!!!<BR><BR>Just set the properties for this in IIS. Set the directory or directories that your web application is in to use Windows NT Authentication. Do not use Basic Authentication (this will send the username and password in clear text thus allowing any hacker at it. It also won&#039;t ask for a domain either.<BR><BR>Britton

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    Site Server has excellent functionality in its Membership Server for doing stuff like that.<BR><BR>You can also create, modify and delete users and usergroups quite easily using Membership Server.<BR><BR>It won&#039;t work in clustered environments though.<BR>

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