To Whom It May Concern:<BR><BR>It has been indicated to me that your firm provides software design and development services to companies/individuals. My name is Steven J. Howell, I&#039m the founder and current president of Telesystems International Inc., a Miami, Florida-based company.<BR><BR>I&#039m interested in providing funding for a venture. We are looking for completed software solutions to bring to market. We&#039re currently evaluating new projects and would be interested to know if you have something that we could consider. Our budget for cash placement is $500,000. Our background is in business management and sales and marketing. <BR><BR>We would like to be involved and help the company achieve its goals. We are capable of providing a very impressive and experienced board of directors and are further capable of raising more money after the initial placement. As a prerequisite, the project would need to be one of interest to the public sector as we want to be involved in something that would either go public immediately or shortly thereafter. Further, we are most interested in Internet-related projects.<BR><BR>Should you have a project that you believe could be a fit, we would be happy to discuss it in detail. Please feel free to contact me at my office: (305) 653-5300 ext. 130, mobile (305) 778-5363 or <BR>e-mail: SJHOWELL2@AOL.COM. <BR><BR>Thank you for your consideration to the above. I await your response.<BR><BR><BR>