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    I am trying to find a way to be able the have viewers of my web site click on special industry related words that I predefine in a SQL database. <BR><BR>If the selected words appear on any page within the web site I want the word to be marked, maybe using css, and the viewer could then click on it to gets its definition again coming from the database. <BR><BR>Write now I have a client side java script that will allow a viewer to double click on any word in the web site and whether or not that word is in the database a pop-window will appear. After the word has been passed I then query it on the pop-window page and give the results to any word.<BR><BR>Again if there is any way I could mark these words that have been populated in the database so that viewer knows that these are words that are in the database. Any help would help! Thanks<BR>

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    Default Answered above <nm>


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