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    I have an upload script using the FileSystemObject but I get a permission denied message on my web host's server. Now obviously I have a login for the server to upload my pages. Can i pass my username and password to the server when attempting to write a file with the FileSystemObject or do I have to ask the server admin to give me access?

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    My experience has been that you have to change the rights on the NTFS (server security), or have someone at a hosting service do it.<BR><BR>They will need to give read and write permissions to the IUSR_SERVERNAME account.

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    I&#039;ve got the same problem. I&#039;m trying to pass username/password in this format: <BR><BR><BR><BR>but this gives me that permissions denies error. i know the folder is password protected, even if i pass it like this, it doesnt work :( haven&#039;t found an answer....

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